Lame de terrasse Desert Sand, lame terrasse pas cher

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Luxurious hardwood look and feel that last. Made from Oak wood fiber co-extruded, very high resistance.

WARRANTY 25 years!

  • Every Oak fiber double protectedUltra-durable core - High impact strengthFine grain and texture  - Perfect look and feel
  • Recycled and recyclable No PVC is used
  • Aluminium hidden fixations or clips
472.42 ₪

236.21167883212 236,21 /m² + VAT

₪ 9708.3 pre-tax volume discount 41.10m²

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Lifecycle S2 - UPM PROFI

Solid wood-look deck boards, designed with 95% composite from oak wood recycling and plastic packaging.

UPM Profi-Lifecycle is an advanced wood composite made using the latest technologies.

Recycle red and white oak fibers are heat treated, encapsulated in a hard polymer matrix, and then allowed to cool naturally. This process takes longer than typical WPC production.

The result is unexceptionally stable, water resistant solid board that is protected to the core. Compared to traditional WPC boards, the closed surface is also more resistant to oil spills and stains.
Easy to clean, it requires no maintenance: A simple water jet wash is enough.


Ultra fast installation: up to 2.5 times faster than traditional installation thanks to the UPM ProFi Click System.

Data sheet

  • Packaging
  • Item unit
  • Type of parquet wood floor
  • Type  - Terrace Format
    Deck boards
  • Wood specie
    wood and polymer
  • Dimensions and sections
    LIFECYCLE S2. Width. 137 mm - Lengths. 4000 mm - Thickness. 21 mm
  • Types of terrace
    Composite parquet
  • Collection
    LIFECYCLE S2 - upm Profi
  • Total width
    Width 13.6 cm
  • Total thickness
    21 mm
  • Total length
    4 m
  • Guarantee
    25 year warranty - Residential and commercial use
  • % of discount
  • Lots meter
    Lot of 30 to 50 m²
  • Listed


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