Dalle de terrasse IPÉ à poser, caillebotis bois sur DecoPlus Parquet

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Indivisible batches of 70m2 / 280 tiles

More than bringing a lot of charm, the tiles create warm and comfortable living spaces. 

  • Easy install, directly on existing support
  • Use of adjustable studs possible, to adjust the level if necessary
  • Treatment against mold guaranteed

59 59 /unit + VAT

₪ 16520 pre-tax volume discount 280unit


Slabs - Pre-assembled Duckboard flooring, made up of several spaced wooden slats screwed onto two or three rafters.


The Duckboard flooring is placed on an existing hard support or on joists. The implementation can be easier than the decking boards.


The Duckboard flooring exists in several patterns and will bring a lot of charm to your exterior.

Data sheet

  • Packaging
  • Item unit
  • Type  - Terrace Format
    Decking Tiles
  • Wood specie
  • Dimensions and sections
  • Types of terrace
    exotic wood
  • Type of deck installation
    Dalle. A Poser bord à bord
  • Collection
  • Total width
    Larg 50 cm
  • Total thickness
    38 mm
  • Total length
    50 cm
  • Lots meter
    Lot supérieur à 50 m²
  • Lot price range
    Inférieur à 20 € ht/m²
  • Listed


teinte NATUREL - bidon de 5 L

Huile et saturateur - Blanchon - 5

109,00 HT / m²

de 50 à 70 mm

Plot réglable - 1

19,00 HT / m²